Japanese Kiseru Pipes

Our Japanese Kiseru Pipes are meticulously designed to be indistinguishable from antique examples. Our Pipes are great for smoking whatever you desire, but are also well suited to historical reenactment or cosplay.

Our products

Our Pipes and Accessories bring an elegant flair to a modern era. We carry Kiseru Pipes both new and old, as well as replacement stems in a range of colors and materials.

Our product line is always expanding, so be sure to check back often!

Created with utility in mind

Our Passion for antique kiseru pipes led us to discover the benefits of this design oth functionally and aesthetically. We use raw bamboo for our "Rau" stems, which are then hand processed and finished.

The natural absorbative properties improve the smoking experience, and the "Rau" stem can be easily and sustainably replaced when it becomes dirty.

We also offer man made stems to suit a variety of personal tastes, and these can be easily cleaned for prolonged use.

About us

Born out of Passion

Taima Pipe Company was founded for people who value luxury even during recreational activities . Our products are designed and produced by passionate craftsmen, who understand and uphold the centuries old tradition of Japanese pipe-craft. That is why Taima Pipes and accessories are the pinnacle of personal smoking articles. We strive to bring artful elegance to your smoking experience.